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Anonymous asked: I'm 13 and have only had a kiss in truth or dare and am single4lyf there's this one guy who I kinda like and we talk sometimes but I messaged him Saying Heey just now and he blanked it.. He said he fancied my friend the other day but she's taken so she doesn't care HOW DAFUQ do I get guys to like me omg:(

be yourself! talk to them in person more not so much in text or chat its fine your only 13 you dont need to rush! the right guy will come x 

Anonymous asked: im 13 and Ive been dating this guy for like 3 months but we have both really liked each other for 4 years and like I REALLY LIKE LOVE HIM and before he asked me out I just just out of a breakup with his like friend and he asked for his friends permission to go out with me and stuff and our anniversary is on what was my anniversary with his friend who I'm still really close with, but my bf wants to kiss me really bad and I do to like I already had my first kiss and I didn't feel anything and I...

im confused u didnt finish it in a new message x



Anonymous asked: what theme did you use for your blog i absolutley love it<3 xox

its a theme by level 82 i have no idea which one :( x

Anonymous asked: so what time i was with my crush and i spilt tomatoe saussee in mt vag and people thought i had my period but i really did i swear!!!1`

ummmmmmm idk how to respond to this tbh

Anonymous asked: It was in 6th grade and I liked a boy who was in eighth grade. One day I had to go into his class to use a computer he was at his desk sitting there and he waved and whispered hi when I was walking towards him I didn't realize he was waving to me so it took me a minute to say hi I got all red and I was shaky everyone was looking at me when I got to the computer I couldn't type my name lol


Anonymous asked: one time i pushed , instead of pulled open a door and ran right into it .. it was at school & everyone saw -.-

hahhahah dw ive done that plenty of tiems

Anonymous asked: Weirdest story: I was staying in a caravan for like a week with my friends family and it was the first night, i sometimes sleep walk ... so anyway i woke up in the middle of the night (sleep walking) and just when to the front door of the caravan , diddnt pull down my shorts and just sat there peeing , then my friends mum walked by outside and caught me ... and told me off then took me inside , i woke up after she left and put on new shorts ... in the morning ,she told me what happend, awkward

omg wtf thats really weird

Anonymous asked: i had my first actual kiss last week and i like him alot and i think he likes me but he still has feelings for his ex who cheated on him and hes on holiday for two weeks hes grade 12 im grade 10. we text alot and last night we kind of confessed to each othr and when i asked him if he hu with me bc he liked me or he just wanted to he said "its complicated" /:

its complicated isnt an need someone who will give you an actual answer, dont wait around for him because he doesnt know what he wants

Anonymous asked: i remember when in year 6 we had the period talk with the nurse and i thought you stick the flaps on your vag and everyone was asking questions and i was just sat there mortified and then we all came out scared but i was the worse i was like 'ouch why the hell do they do that it's just not normal ew i dont want to hurt myself ouch